Thursday, 30 June 2011

Practically Perfect in Every Way....?!

Well here we go, my first blog. I'll tell you first how the blogging idea came about;

My husband (Mr B) and I (NQP) had gone for dinner at our dear friends house. Just as I sat down to have a cup of tea and a good catch up, their youngest son, H was ushered off to bed by his grandmother.

H: I want NQP to read me my story.

His grandmother sighed and looked at me:


No problem! I replied. As a nanny, I have become quite used to kids wanting me to be involved in their next activity, particularly if you are someone new and exciting! So off we went...

After reading him a story about losing your baby teeth (Charlie and Lola, I believe!) and after carefully tucking him in and shutting the curtains, I closed the door quietly as H snuggled down under his covers. As I returned to the kitchen I heard H's grandfather saying:

Why does everyone have to read a parenting book these days? Did Nelson read 'Battles for Dummies?

Mr B: No, but some people just have what it takes. Some people are born with it. Like NQP. She just knows how to parent.

I felt myself blush slightly as I walked into the room. You can't receive much more of a compliment than that. Particularly as I am not even a parent yet!

As the evening went on, we discovered that our friends father had a blog, as did their two daughters (aged 9 and 12!!) Naturally the girls blogs were about thier interests, games they liked to play online etc etc and their grandfathers was more political.

At 10pm off I went to work. 10pm?! I hear you say. That's right, I am currently night nannying for a fantastic family. So off I trot to their house for an 8 hour night shift of settling the baby to sleep and doing any night feeds necessary, though at 9 weeks I have got her going practically all the way through the night. As I lay cuddling her that night I couldn't stop thinking about blogs. I read a couple of blogs from time to time, mostly about diet and health (I will talk more about those another time), but it isn't something I have ever really considered before. But the more I lay there thinking about them, I could feel my jealousy bubbling!

I wish I could write a blog. I wish there was something about which I knew enough and felt passionate enough to write a blog about! I looked at the baby that had fallen asleep in my arms. There was my lightbulb moment! Children! I know tons and tons about children. I would love to share my knowledge, advice, thoughts, troubles and daily experiences as a nanny with people!

So that was it. My mind was buzzing with excitement! What should I call it - how should I write it?! I already had my first, second and third blog exploding with words in my mind! When I crawled back into my own bed at 6.30am the next morning, I told my husband my idea... waiting for him to shoot me down in his half asleep state (maybe this wasn't the time to launch a new idea to him... but I was excited!) but he didn't.

Mr B: That's a great idea!

I told him my suggestion for a name... He frowned and shook his head...

Mr B: How about Practically perfect in every way?


Naturally that name was taken as a URL. But actually, Not Quite Poppins is a great name. Because I am not perfect, I too make mistakes and learn. But hey, I am a very good nanny. And I am very good with children.

So here is my endeavour:
  • Discuss topics that arise in the news to do with children. 
  • Discuss daily issues I face with children and how I resolve them.
  • To give guidance to those who feel they are alone with difficult children.
  • To share humourous anecdotes of the cherubs I work with.
  • To discuss topics that may arise as part of the degree I am undertaking in Youth and Childhood studies (because you can never know too much!)
I am no preacher, teacher or self proclaimed expert. But I do know quite a lot. I believe we should change our practice as children and society change. So preaching old school methods is not necessarily the way of the future!

So here it is. This is blog number 1.
May I be interesting enough to write many more!

Not Quite Poppins.


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